Augmented reality needs to demonstrate consistent value and utility before mainstream adoption grows

Continuing this week’s trend for opinion articles analysing whether and why AR experiences challenges in the workplace and why mainstream adoption is yet mainstream, we turn to this article by Mikela Druckman in The Drum.  Druckman is Chief Commercial Officer at Blippar.

She writes: Over the past few years, the trajectory of the augmented reality (AR) industry has been tumultuous at best.

Consumers gushed over Snapchat’s AR hotdog. They sang their hearts out through AR Facebook filters when Taylor Swift released her Reputation album. And when Pokemon Go exploded, they ran around their neighborhoods, schools, and local parks chasing fictional creatures as if their lives depended on it. It seemed like the game might be the catalyst that AR enthusiasts had been waiting for. But when even the hype around Pokemon Go dissipated into just another fad, industry leaders were again left asking, When will AR have its blast-off moment?

The short answer? It might not. But that’s not a bad thing.

There’s a more efficient and realistic way to drive consumer adoption of AR, and it doesn’t have anything to do with a singular tipping point. Instead, consistent mainstream adoption will take hold when the utility and practicality of the technology creates real, tangible value for those who would use it in their everyday lives.

Instead of one-and-done AR campaigns where there is little incentive for consumers to engage with the technology consistently, the evolution of AR needs to focus on adding value by solving problems consumers face in the various facets of their lives.

Industries like retail, education, and healthcare have massive opportunities to utilize AR in increasingly convenient and meaningful ways. Once companies more regularly integrate AR into their broader customer experience strategies, consumers will also be able to interact with the technology on a more consistent basis.

She goes on to provide three examples of brands across several industries using AR to provide more value to their customer. The full article can be read here.

It is worth mentioning in response to this article that ROI is a key concern in the forefront of the minds of business executives. The AREA provided research on this topic of ROI calculator and a guide for best practice which can be found here.

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