AR Training Simulator Software 2020 Strategic Assessments – Proximie, Upskill, Imaginate, SimX

A research report entitled Global AR Training Simulator Software Market has been released by Advance Market Analytics.

Data on emerging players includes: Amazon Web Services (United States), PTC (United States), Inglobe Technologies (Italy), Mimic Technologies, Inc. (United States), Imaginate (United States), SimX Inc (United States), Upskill (United States), PALEBLUE (United States), Optech4D (United States) and Proximie (united States).

AR training simulator software are intended to train users for a certain role in a partially virtual environment. Trainees utilize the augmented reality in these solutions to learn the vital skills needed for a new job. These differ from virtual reality training simulators, as the latter provides training simulations to users in a completely immersive, virtual environment. By integrating 3D images into the real world using a phone or other mobile device with a camera, AR training simulators replicate real-life situations, which makes the learning experience more retainable and engaging.

Market Drivers include increasing Demand for AI-Based Applications.  Growing Interest of the Large Tech Companies in AR Training Simulation.  And thirdly, rising demand in Training and Skill Development by Various Companies to Train Employees for Certain Jobs.

Market Trends include High Adoption Of 3D visualization In Medical Sector and an upsurge in Demand from AI-based Applications in Retail and E-commerce Sector

Restraints revolve around Limited User Interface (UI) Affecting the Navigation Performance of AR Applications

Opportunities include Rising Expenditure in Training Simulation Technology. Technological Advancement and Development in the AR and Rising Adoption of the AI Technology

Current Challenges were found to be Low Adoption Rate due to Privacy Issues and Complexities in the Design and a lack of Skilled Working Professionals

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