AR Remote Collaboration Software helps businesses dealing with COVID19

As more people are working from home than ever before due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Librestream has introduced a free remote collaboration augmented reality (AR) software that can help businesses enable remote workers to continue working together.

The Onsight platform allows workers to collaborate securely across multiple industries including aviation, defense, manufacturing, energy and inspection. The system also works in challenging areas where bandwidth and network connectivity are limited, such as a basement over cellular or an offshore oil rig over satellite.

The AR system can be used for remote inspections of equipment, diagnostic assessments and telemedicine consults. With travel restrictions and shelter in place becoming the norm, in-person meetings are not feasible anymore, so the AR platform allows workers at home to communicate with those in the field using both visual and audio aids.

The software runs on smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, wearables and computers.


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