Analysis of Goldman Sachs’ Report on AR and VR in 2025

Pair3D is publisher of software and platforms for interior design and an application that accompanies the IKEA catalog in the United States. The company recently released a well-written analysis of the Goldman Sachs report on AR and VR on its blog, Insight. The post points out that the GS analysis is weak in its coverage of Augmented Reality and fails to capture many important trends.

The authors agree with the report that cost will be the chief driver of the use cases that dominate AR HMDs and that AR HMD use cases will be primarily focused on enterprise productivity until 2025. However, they point out that the report ignores the opportunities for AR on tablets and projection technologies.

The post suggests that if the report is someone’s first exposure to the VR and AR market, the reader will learn something but will also be misled. The authors conclude that the report “falls short in its assumptions and analyses in a few key areas which will be vital for the VR/AR industry over the next decade.”

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