2016 – The Year of ARVR for the Enterprise

A recent article on SearchCIO discusses how Augmented and Virtual Reality devices are transforming the workplace and production.
Important points in the article include:

  • Black and Veatch have begun using Microsoft HoloLens to view data on the infrastructure being analysed, and have identified various potential uses for the technology
  • ARVR technology is expected to drive productivity and improve quality to bring significant ROIs to companies
  • In the manufacturing industry, AR tech provides workers with information and instructions that is layered onto the physical workspace, so they device is hands-free
  • Engineering and construction companies also use AR in a similar way; it also enables remote expertise as professionals can remotely guide employees
  • International Data Corp. have predicted that ARVR worldwide revenues will increase by at least $156.8 billion from 2016 to 2020
  • AR is currently more applicable than VR
  • Forrester Research has also predicted that AR tech will become commonplace in the next five years
  • Accenture Digital have designed and built an AR application that allows consumers to choose different colours for a car using a tablet and view it in the physical space before them
  • Ford Motor Co. has been working with ARVR tech since 1999, which it uses to solve ergonomic issues and review engineering and design specs
  • Companies can work with different tech organisations for software and hardware relevant to ARVR applications
  • IT departments still need to develop content to feed into ARVR systems and create integration
  • Black and Veatch found that using mobile version of applications is better in an AR environment because the content is designed for smaller screens
  • As ARVR enterprise tools are merging with other new tech such as artificial intelligence, more specialist skills will be required
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