Intel To Introduce its AR Smart Glasses in August, 2016

Intel is expected to disclose details about its Remote Eyesight Augmented Reality smart glasses at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco in August. It has been said that the AR smart glasses look like a cross between Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens. They use Intel’s Collaboration Suite for WebRTC video capabilities.

Intel’s Remote EyeSight is built around the idea of interactive remote collaboration using smart glasses, possibly like using Skype on a wearable. Tech experts at Intel indicate this could be used in areas such as medicine and repairs. Intel’s smart glasses are intended to solve the issue of the HoloLens heavy headset restricting movement.

The company aims to “transform Intel’s enterprise collaboration experiences with secure, cost-effective, hands-free and Augmented Reality technologies.”

Intel has acquired startups with experience in the field, such as Replay Technologies, recently acquired by Intel. Replay Technologies develops technology used in sports replays.

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