Atheer Acquires SpaceView to Create a Richer Augmented and Mixed Reality Experience

AREA members Atheer have announced their acquisition with SpaceView.  SpaceView is a company which creates technologies that allow other organisations to combine their digital and physical work spaces which then transforms their mobile industrial professionals work.

According to this acquisition will allow Atheer customers to enhance ways they visualize and place 3D virtual objects in the real world, creating richer Mixed Reality experiences. This acquisition means that Atheer will have extended their growing portfolio of innovative AR and MR technologies and capabilities. The article believes that SpaceView have held several patents relating to the representation of 3D objects in 2D environments which will complement Atheer’s own patent portfolio.

Soulaiman Itani, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Atheer said “We’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our offerings and SpaceView has an amazing product and solid team for us to build on. By bringing this new technology to our AiR products, we’ll be able to give our customers the ability to build better mixed reality experiences across the broadest range of smart glass and other AR platforms.”


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