AR Goggles for Enterprise Use: Business Interest and Product Range Increases

An article on Computer Business Review (CBR) states that 82% of enterprises expect to use AR smart goggles within three years.

Businesses large and small are increasingly starting to provide augmented reality (AR) and smart glass devices for their workforce, or explore ways to do so. Just today Toshiba’s future IT landscape survey found 82 percent of enterprises predicting that AR smart glasses will be used by their businesses in the next three years.

Augmented reality is the displaying of virtual elements onto a display which overlaps onto the real world. In practice this could be a map in front of you as you drive so your eyes don’t have to leave the road. It could be a technical tasks list or an expert watching what your worker does remotely.

A video within the article shows an example of how Renault is using the tech via Microsoft’s HoloLens on their factory floor.

The market for AR Smart glass devices is said to be heating up and with 5G coming and set to make connectivity hugely faster, Computer Business Review expects to see significantly wider use of AR in industry.  The article then goes on to review some of the products on the market to help you assess what might work best for your business.

In conclusion the article asks whether enterprises should be adopting AR and finds that large and small business across the world are adopting AR technology because they see the benefits and that it may soon prove a vital way to stay competitive.  Read the full article.

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