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Augmented Reality has been the subject of scientific and engineering research for decades but has only recently been brought to the attention of wider audiences. As the concept is broad, it is easily confused with other new and emerging technologies with which it shares attributes.

The AREA has compiled the following list of key AR terms and their definitions to help enterprises understand what distinguishes AR from other technologies and to provide a helpful reference when reading about AR-specific tools and concepts.

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Next generation user interface

Augmented Reality is emerging as the next user interface for presenting and capturing information that pertains to the physical world in context with the user’s focus of attention. More than just a novelty or amusement, Augmented Reality will permit users to perceive beyond the superficial and to perform complex tasks with assistance, reducing training and performance times, and error rates.

This new approach to presenting, capturing and interacting with information will enable organizations to tap other emerging technology trends such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, high-performance, lightweight displays and high speed networks to their full potential.

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