Stereoscape brings AR to B2B segment in Finland

Stereoscape, a new AREA member, was founded in 2009 in Helsinki, Finland by a team of creative and technology experts specializing in stereoscopic 3D for films. Today the company is focused on using interactive 3D and XR technologies to enable people to work smarter and learn faster. We spoke with the Stereoscape team recently to learn more.

AREA: Tell us about how Stereoscape got into AR.

Stereoscape: We started 10 years ago with stereoscopic 3D conversions and live action S3D shoots for film, fashion and advertising clients, after which we moved to 3D holographic solutions for marketing and events. Over time, our focus turned to working with immersive and interactive technologies, and we now have five years’ experience in XR-based projects for enterprise clients. Throughout our 10-year journey we’ve been passionate about how the creative application of new technologies can deepen people’s experiences, whether at work or leisure.

AREA: Are you focusing primarily on the European market?

Stereoscape: At the moment, we are mainly working with large Finnish multinationals in the industrial B2B segment. Some of our clients build mechanical engineering products, while others, like Nokia, are providing technology for 5G networks and Industry 4.0. Our key clients are based in Finland and the Nordics, with our solutions often deployed internationally.

AREA: How would you describe the state of AR adoption in Finland?

Stereoscape: Finland is still very much at the emerging stages of adopting AR, with some great success stories in validated solutions, while others are still learning about the potential for AR as a driver of business value. Because Finland has a strong tech infrastructure and tech startup culture, there is generally a good appreciation for technology-driven innovation, and there’s a nice AR ecosystem forming locally.

AREA: What would you say distinguishes Stereoscape from its competitors?

Stereoscape: With the rapid pace of innovation in XR, we remain technology-agnostic. We are focused on the user experience – putting technology in the service of people. We are passionate about making people’s working lives easier by presenting information in an engaging, interactive and effective way with the help of XR. Our expert team has accumulated a wealth of experience in the creative applications of new technologies. We’ve also invested in the productization of our solutions and services to make it easier for our enterprise clients to adopt these new technologies.

AREA: On your website, you talk about “Smart Product Communication” as being the underlying theme of your work. What do you mean by that?

Stereoscape: We first coined the concept some five years ago to depict the new ways of communicating complex product information made possible by interactive 3D and XR – moving from static to dynamic, from flat to spatial, from consumption to exploration, from explanation to experience. We were then mainly working with sales and marketing solutions and have since extended our offering to other parts of the enterprise value chain. But helping people comprehend complex information is still at the heart of everything we do, whether in sales, learning or maintenance. With AR, and other XR, we have so many exciting tools available to make digital information more alive, accessible, responsive and enjoyable. I think our slogan – Experience information – nicely captures our mission of enabling people to experience information in entirely new ways.

AREA: Your fellow AREA member RE’FLEKT is one of your partners. Do you do a lot of work in collaboration with partners?

Stereoscape: We work with a broad international network of technology and other expert partners on all our projects, including developers and other subcontractors. In-house, we focus on client consultation and the design of the solution, then collaborate closely with our partner network on the implementation phase to create an end-to-end solution.

AREA: What do you hope to gain by joining AREA?

Stereoscape: We are keen to connect with other companies and our peers who are passionate about AR to exchange experiences, learn, and collaborate. AR, and XR in general, requires a wide range of experts to join forces to bring about the digital transformation made possible by new technologies.

AREA: What can we look forward to from Stereoscape in the next couple of years?

Stereoscape: Since Covid-19 broke out, we have been busy creating new solutions for online use, to help companies engage with their customers or onboard and train employees despite the meeting and travel restrictions. Looking beyond the current crisis, we firmly believe that the pace of AR innovation and adoption will only keep accelerating. We are excited by the opportunities this will bring to our clients and all those working within the field of AR. 

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