Introducing the AR in Strategic Enterprise Sessions

In contrast to companies that are responding and reacting to changing conditions without a plan, strategic enterprises systematically apply the best planning and management processes.

A strategic enterprise successfully integrates emerging and mature systems to improve processes and outcomes. Managers in strategic enterprises factor in their existing information systems development and maintenance efforts, as well as any new technology introduction when guiding their businesses towards the achievement of goals.


The AREA and AR in Strategic Enterprises

AREA members met with strategic enterprise managers in Sheffield on July 1. The focus of the event was on how to introduce and integrate AR into strategic enterprises.

Over the course of the day, AREA members shared their experiences and recommendations for choosing use cases, preparing data for use in AR experiences, choosing and training users for AR pilots and introduction activities, measuring impacts and managing risks associated with AR introduction.


The AREA’s Value Added

The sessions are a perfect example of AREA members demonstrating their thought leadership and collaborating to share knowledge with others. In addition to the valuable discussions made possible during the networking and panel sessions, the recordings of the presentations are now available for viewing on YouTube.

Through the ARise event and its sessions, the AREA and its members are accelerating AR adoption in the corporate environment. As Executive Director of the AREA, I am proud to present the 11-session series and hope you will gain additional insights into the ways Augmented Reality can benefit your enterprise.

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