XR Hackathon 2019

Date of Event:

Nov 29 2019 - Dec 1 2019


Lausanne, Switzerland


Romande Energie SmartLab
EPFL - Innovation Park

Overview of event

The Hackathon is an annual event held in Lausanne. Coders, designers, artists and creative minds gather around new devices and new ideas to create innovative projects in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality taking place over the first week-end of December.



During the day participants will have the opportunity to network and meet new people, form interdisciplinary teams, brainstorm and build AR/VR experiences and applications. There will also be skilled mentors available to offer help and guidance along the way.

We welcome coders, artists, designers, thinkers, poets, etc. but due to venue limitations we will limit the number of participants to 50 max. Participants are also welcome to come along with their teams or on their own.

Bring along your own laptops or computers as well as AR and VR devices if you have them. Electricity and Wifi will be provided.

The following devices will also be available for use at the event:

  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Quest
  • Oculus GO
  • Hololens
  • ARcore Android Smartphoones
  • Microsoft Hololens

Registration and Fees

Please bring 10 CHF to cover the cost of catering at the event.

Whilst snacks and refreshments will be available, we regret we are unable to provide overnight accommodation.

Location and Travel

Romande Energie SmartLab

EPFL – Innovation Park



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