Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Enterprise AR Software Provider

Companies that develop, publish and sell commercial AR software, as well as provide maintenance, support and integration can look forward to an increase in customer demand over the next few years.

Today, Augmented Reality software providers specialize in selected use cases and workflows. For example, some software products offer greater optimization for 3D objects. Others are well suited for image recognition. Domain expertise is often a precursor to landing key customers and gaining a deeper understanding of the requirements in a process or industry that can be addressed with AR-assisted systems.

Companies in this segment are investing heavily in their own engineering talent, as well as in the education and development of their markets. They are careful to choose projects that are well planned and funded in order to build up their portfolio of successful projects and to minimize failures.


The AREA provides resources to support enterprise AR software publishers through all phases, from hiring of experts and partnering with providers of integration services to developing strong customer relationships. Join the AREA today to benefit fully from business networking opportunities and premium AREA products and services.

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