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Google Receives Patent for Photo by Gesture

Jul 12 2015

The US patent office has found sufficient uniqueness in the way Google proposes for a system to capture and process...

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Microsoft and Case Western Reserve University Feature Medical Use Cases for Augmented Reality

Jul 10 2015

Microsoft is compiling examples of HoloLens use in professional environments on a dedicated showcase page of its website. These examples...

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Mysterious Device Could be New Google Glass for Enterprise

Jul 6 2015

A post on DroidLife, a blog that follows and publishes about the Android developer community, noted that Google has received...

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Meta Releases Meta Preview for Developers

Jul 2 2015

The beta release of Meta Preview, the improved version of Meta’s first Augmented Reality 3D model viewer called “HoloForm,” was...

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Vuzix Announces iOS Support for M100

Jul 1 2015

Providers of hands-free personal displays are constrained by the fact that there are relatively few developers that have the skills...

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Epson Introduces New Smart Glasses for Enterprise Users

Jun 24 2015

Epson has announced that it plans to release a professional model of smart glasses to the family of Moverio products....

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Intel Acquires Recon Instruments

Jun 17 2015

It was certainly discussed in their respective board rooms for many months, if not years, before Intel and smart glasses...

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Six Uses for Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Jun 11 2015

Augmented Reality has long been proposed as a way to reduce costs and improve the quality of care and patient...

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Kopin Receives Order for its Display Technology to be Integrated in Pilot-worn Helmets

Jun 3 2015

Kopin has announced in a press release that it will provide the display technology to an un-named integration company for...

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Vuzix M100 for HP’s New Remote Expert Service

Jun 2 2015

Past announcements about a partnership between Vuzix and Pristine, a software provider for remote assistance with smart glasses, foretold of...

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