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Caterpillar has Augmented Reality in its Future

Jul 18 2015

This article on the Equipment World magazine portal shares the views of Paolo Fellin, vice president of construction and infrastructure...

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Augmented Reality Use Cases in Manufacturing

Jul 13 2015

When subscribers of Global Manufacturing magazine receive the July 2015 issue, the first thing they will see is the suggestion...

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Microsoft and Case Western Reserve University Feature Medical Use Cases for Augmented Reality

Jul 10 2015

Microsoft is compiling examples of HoloLens use in professional environments on a dedicated showcase page of its website. These examples...

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Future Workers May Wear More than Personal Displays

Jul 6 2015

While much is being promised for those in the workforce that will do hands-free personal displays for Augmented Reality, some...

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Euromonitor Study Breaks Augmented Reality Down

Jun 29 2015

The more sources of information about Augmented Reality that are balanced and clearly written with less hype the better. In...

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Microsoft HoloLens Going to Space in 2015

Jun 27 2015

The United States government invested early in the use of Augmented Reality for its soldiers and other military personnel for...

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Business Case for Augmented Reality in AEC

Jun 25 2015

The expression “an embarrassment of riches” means that there is an overabundance of something, or too much of a good...

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Exelon Showcases Digital Technologies for Utility Workers

Jun 22 2015

An increasing range of new technologies, including Augmented Reality-assisted displays and other wearables, promise to be useful to utility industry...

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Augmented Reality Speeds Up Aviation Industry

Jun 21 2015

This week at the Paris Air Show aviation companies from around the world made hundreds of announcements and showcased the...

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HoloLens Helps Architects Visualize Plans

May 17 2015

Visualizing designs and drawings in 3D is a skill that is difficult to learn but necessary for architects and others...

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