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Digitally Assisted Assembly at Factory 2050

Oct 17 2016

In a previous article, we introduced the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), a member of the AREA...

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Calculating ROI for AR Investments: One Approach

Oct 14 2016

In a field as young as AR, organizations seeking to justify investments have had little historical data available to help...

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New EPRI Report Offers Insights for Wearable AR Display Customers

Oct 6 2016

Innovation in wearable technology continues to accelerate. Smart watch vendors are making so many announcements there are portals dedicated to...

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A Partnership Model for Augmented Reality Enterprise Deployments

Aug 15 2016

Due to the potential to radically change user engagement, Augmented Reality has received considerable and growing attention in recent months....

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Interview with JoinPad

Jul 2 2016

AREA member JoinPad provides cloud-based and contextually aware software that simplifies processes in a number of industries. The company’s BrainPad...

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3D Studio Blomberg at Augmented World Expo 2016

Jun 27 2016

Our team at 3D Studio Blomberg, along with key partners, travelled to Santa Clara, California, to attend the Augmented World...

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New Executive Director Reports on AWE ’16 and Members Meeting

Jun 9 2016

As the incoming executive director of the AR for Enterprise Alliance, I was very excited to attend my first Augmented...

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Augmented Reality for Production and Maintenance with NGRAIN

May 3 2016

AREA member NGRAIN started in the enterprise training market and today is an AR solutions provider for a range of...

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Enterprise Conference Focuses on Wearables

May 3 2016

Wearables are leading the next industrial revolution as enterprises leverage their data and systems and employees work with the physical...

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Data Visualization with 3D Studio Blomberg

Mar 24 2016

AREA member 3D Studio Blomberg (3DS) excels at visualization of data and especially at enterprise solutions for Augmented Reality. The...

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