AREA Members to Vote on 6th Research Project Proposals

A primary function of the AREA is to undertake research projects that benefit AREA members and the wider AR ecosystem. Under the guidance of the AREA Research Committee, AREA members nominate and vote on research topics, selecting one to fund. To date, AREA members have sponsored research projects on wearables, ROI best practices, human factors and safety, AR in manufacturing, and best practices when merging IoT, AI, and AR.

The AREA is currently in the midst of planning its sixth research project with member voting now underway to choose from the following proposed topics:

  • AR and 5G for Enterprise
  • Web-based AR for the Enterprise
  • Size and Growth of Enterprise AR Market
  • Minimum Viable AR Glasses Requirements
  • AR Cloud in the Enterprise
  • Security Identity and Authentication Management for Shared Wearable AR Displays

The products of all AREA-directed research projects – including reports, use cases, and case studies – are offered exclusively to AREA members as one of the benefits of membership in the organization. The AREA also makes one deliverable from the research available for free to the greater enterprise AR ecosystem.

If you would like to see your company have the opportunity to help guide AR research initiatives – and benefit from the results of that research – please consider becoming a member of the AREA. You can find more information here.

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