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AREA Webinar Replay: IDC Analyst Sizes the Enterprise AR Hardware Market

It’s always been a challenge to size the market for enterprise AR products and services. There’s a good deal of overlap between AR and VR products – and between enterprise and consumer use cases. As a result, there’s little if any consistency between analyst forecasts and market studies prepared by internal business analysts.


That’s why, in early September, the AREA hosted a webinar entitled Sizing the Enterprise AR Hardware Market. The centerpiece of the event was a presentation by Tom Mainelli, VP of Devices at IDC, one of the IT industry’s most respected global analyst firms. We recorded the webinar and it’s now available here.

During the webinar, Mr. Mainelli explains how IDC sizes the current market and forecasts enterprise AR hardware growth. Along the way, he provides answers to such questions as:

  • What are the different approaches IDC uses when estimating enterprise AR hardware market size and growth?
  • What factors does IDC forecasting take into account when sizing the adoption of enterprise AR?
  • What important developments in 2021 will make this year memorable in the annals of enterprise AR history?

Don’t miss this opportunity to get an exclusive presentation of valuable insights about market sizing principles shared by one of the world’s leading analysts studying the AR display hardware market. Go here to view this one-hour presentation.

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