Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

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The AREA Research Committee regularly hosts webinars about research topics and trends.

Member-exclusive webinars available are (more recent at the top):

Publicly available webinars are currently (more recent at the top):

Ongoing initiatives

The AREA Research Committee is supporting members and the enterprise AR ecosystem through the following initiatives:

The AREA Enterprise AR Research Agenda guides and provides recommended topics for research funding/grant organizations of all sizes as well as researchers worldwide in their investment of resources into research that will accelerate the adoption of AR in enterprise settings. It is made publicly available by the AREA in order to support all members of the enterprise AR ecosystem.

Research Suppliers

The AREA Research Committee is pleased to have the opportunity to work with the following research organizations:

  1. Brainwaive LLC on the Wearable AR security project
  2. Strategy Analytics on the Measuring AR ROI project
  3. The Manufacturing Technology Centre on the Safety and Human Factors project
  4. xReality Lab @ Universität der Bundeswehr on the AR Adoption in Manufacturing project
  5. Saverio Romeo, Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Innovation Management Research, Birbeck, University of London

If you’d like to talk to us about the Research Committee or require additional information, please reach out to Christine Perey.