AREA Research Committee Webinar | 3D Asset Use in Enterprise AR Research Project Report

Date of Event:

Sep 17 2020


This is an online members-only webinar. Please use the links below to register.


Timings are as follows:
5 - 6 PM UK
6 - 7PM CET
12 PM - 1 PM EST

Overview of event

An increasing number of companies use 3D models in their business in various forms, including CAD data, polygonal models and point clouds. However, due to the nature of real-time hardware platform (i.e. AR, VR) requirements for lightweight and responsive 3D models, there is often a conversion step that is required prior to delivering models as part of AR experiences. Conversion of 3D models can be complex, require balancing diverse needs and be slow and costly. AREA members chose that the organization’s seventh member-funded research project focus on approaches to 3D asset preparation and usage.


During this member-exclusive webinar, lead researcher, Eric Lyman, will present the project motivations and findings. Members will learn:

  • Motivations and challenges facing AREA members when seeking to use 3D assets,
  • Most common file and content types used by AREA members, and the enterprise-to-AR toolchains available,
  • Methodology developed for this research,
  • Results of testing including quantitative and qualitative scores and commentary, and;
  • How members can leverage the research to streamline their 3D asset preparation pipelines in light of their business requirements and priorities.

Host: Christine Perey, PEREY Research & Consulting

Speakers: Eric Lyman, Director of 3D Technology, 3XR, Inc

Registration and Fees

There is no charge for this webinar.

Location and Travel

This is an online webinar. Please use the links provided to register.

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