AREA Research Committee Webinar | Light Anchors and the Future Interfaces Group @ Carnegie Mellon University

Date of Event:

Feb 19 2020


This is an online webinar. Please use either of the links below to register.


Timings are as follows:
7 AM Pacific
10 PM Eastern

Overview of event

The AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) is the only global membership-funded alliance helping to accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) by supporting the growth of a comprehensive ecosystem. We support innovative companies that invest in AR technology and who seek knowledge about the tools available, use cases, methods of implementation and return on investment.

The Future Interfaces Group (FIG) is an interdisciplinary research lab within the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Under the direction of Dr. Chris Harrison, doctoral and masters candidates, as well as post-docs are creating new sensing and interface technologies that foster powerful and delightful interactions between humans and computers. These efforts often lie in emerging use modalities, such as wearable computing, Augmented Reality, smart environments and gestural interfaces.


During this webinar, the invited speaker will share some of the FIG projects relevant to enterprise AR users and focus more deeply on LightAnchors, one of the latest innovations from the FIG. LightAnchors is a new method to display spatially-anchored data in AR experiences using point lights already found in many objects and environments.
Participating in this webinar will provide AREA members:
  • Overview of the Future Interfaces Group
  • A detailed examination of LightAnchors technology foundations, benefits and drawbacks of LightAnchors and results of field testing the technology, and;
  • Suggestions for how to implement LightAnchors in existing enterprise use cases and industrial environments.

Host: Christine Perey, PEREY Research & Consulting

Speaker: Karan Ahuja, PhD student

If you missed this webinar, you can listen to the recording here:

Registration and Fees

There is no charge for this webinar.

Location and Travel

This is an online webinar. Please use the links provided to register.

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