AREA External Webinar

How Does AR Impact Your Organization’s Bottom Line

Date of Event:

May 23 2018


This is an online webinar. Please use the links below to register.


Timings are as follows:
10 AM Eastern
7 AM Pacific

Overview of event

When large organizations want to conduct return on investment (ROI) analyses on emerging technologies like Augmented Reality, they often encounter obstacles and unknown variables.

AREA members Paul Davies, President of the AREA and Boeing Associate Technical Fellow, and Jay Kim, AREA VP of Provider segment and Upskill VP, will share their respective experiences with ROI and discuss how the AREA’s research offers strategic value to their companies.

This is an AREA Research Committee webinar. We’ll provide attendees with an opportunity to learn from Chris Ambrosio of Strategy Analytics and lead analyst of the AREA’s first research project on the topic of measuring AR ROI. We’ll also explore how to overcome major hurdles when assessing the impacts of AR on a company’s performance. Through a case study, Mr. Ambrosio will introduce the AREA AR ROI Calculator, an AREA-member exclusive, and five best practices developed by the project.

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