Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Current Research

The AREA Research Committee conducts an advocacy research program to continually advance AR technologies to the benefit of the AREA members and the wider AR ecosystem.

Frequency and Participation

Twice per calendar year, or approximately every six (6) months, the Research Committee solicits from Sponsor, Contributor and Non-commercial/Academic Members topics for the next AREA-directed research project. The members then vote for their preferred topic.

Once chosen, any organization, regardless of membership status, is invited to submit a proposal in response to the call.

From this page we provide access to the call for proposals focusing on the current research project.

Current Status

The 8th AREA-direct Research Project was awarded in August 2020 for “AREA Literature Survey and Search Tool and Research Agenda”. This project will result in a new website within site which will provide AREA members access to a searchable database of pointers to peer-reviewed literature about enterprise AR published since January 2017. In addition, the site will provide information and white papers regarding key principles and best practices regarding AR methodologies and an assessment of current research gaps in the field to both members and non-members. Project results will be delivered by January 2021.

Project Team

Next Steps

As a project advances, the AREA may release information about the research in the form of blog posts, calls for participation in surveys or other forms of contribution/support to the project.

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