Vuzix Assists University of Rochester Medical Center Surgeons with Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

AREA Member Vuzix, leading supplier of Augmented Reality technology and Smart Glasses, recently announced their deployment of the M400 Smart Glasses at the University of Rochester Medical Centre. Surgeons at the university are using the technology for training and educating patients, enabling them to better understand the surgical procedure they will be undergoing and parts of their anatomy that will be affected during.

Michael Hasselberg, Associate Director of the University of Rochester Medical Health Lab, is quoted to have said that AR’s seamlessness makes it easy to use in training, and that the technology is currently used predominantly in training medical students. He claims that Vuzix is “innovative” and has made the M400 Smart Glasses comfortable to wear for long periods of time in addition to being user-friendly.

President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix, Paul Travers, has further stated that the company is focused on providing “all day” enterprise wearables, and they are satisfied to have contributed to “potentially life saving” medical training at the University of Rochester Medical Centre. Vuzix’s Smart Glasses applications in the healthcare industry are steadily expanding both in the US and globally, in certain European and East Asian countries.

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