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In a recent webinar by AREA member Magic Leap, entitled “New Augmented Reality for American Manufacturing”, the revealed how Magic Leap, in collaboration with Taqtile’s Manifest application, provided an unrivaled solution to the mounting challenges faced by manufacturer PBC Linear.

Overall, the solution helped PBC Linear operate and scale more effectively in several areas.

Deliver New Efficiencies and Process Improvements
PBC Linear utilized Taqtile’s Manifest on Magic Leap 1 to reduce training time for workers from almost three weeks to just three days – an 80% reduction in time.

Boost Productivity and Minimize Downtime
Along with reduced training time, PBC Linear saved almost $100,000 (USD) by reducing scrap and minimizing costly errors.

Attract Better Talent and Reduce Employee Turnover
New employees were enthusiastic to use Magic Leap’s augmented reality device to train more effectively and to increase productivity.

Simplify Training Procedures
Magic Leap’s device made PBC Linear’s training more efficient and interactive.

Save on Costs Tied to Training, Down-time and Human Error
PBC Linear realized substantial employee cost savings, including savings of more than $7,000 (USD) per employee across new machinist onboarding.

In case you missed this in-depth discussion of our manufacturing case study with PBC Linear and Taqtile, the webinar is now available for you to view. Watch Magic Leap’s video and resources 

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