The Digital Twinning Of Remote Expert And Task Based Workflows

An article by Digital Construction Works references the work of The AREA and explains the Digital Twinning Of Remote Expert And Task Based Workflows.

New vendors have entered the market with many of the established companies offering their platforms and solutions at a reduced cost or for free. The increase in vendors has been especially focused in Remote Expert (See-What-I-See) video sharing capabilities for onsite equipment failure and maintenance issue resolution support.

This article talks through the Key drivers for the use of AR include and how the AEC industry is rapidly adopting digital transformation technologies, such as AR.

Digital Construction Works (DCW) is implementing solutions such as Bentley Systems Synchro XR Hololens applications to forge a path in immersive 4D simulations for on-site for construction planning and virtualized inspections of pre-scanned 3D photogrammetry models of telecommunication towers or bridges for safe maintenance reviews.

But how can the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) industry and their clients further embrace the promise of AR technologies particularly during the construction and commissioning phases to leverage their investments as part of an asset lifecycle digital twin strategy?

The article goes on to look at the status quote including remote experts and guided workflow as well as offering a case study example.

The full article can be read here.

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