Sibur Adopts Brochesia Wearable, AR Technologies For Digital Transformation

Russian Company Sibur Adopts Italian Provider Brochesia’s Wearable, AR Technologies For Digital Transformation.

Sibur and its partner Brochesia , a leading company specialized in the development of integrated software solutions for wearable devices, such as smart glasses and augmented reality (AR), have announced the adoption of Brochesia solutions in Sibur’s “Network Modernization-Digitalization” transformation project.

This is one of the Digital Transformation processes that will lead the Russian company to the Industry 4.0 era, based on automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

Sibur chose Brochesia’s B View solution to empower its production processes, especially maintenance and support services through Augmented Reality and Remote Assistance.

As Alexander Leus, Sibur’s Head of Industry 4.0, commented: “Brochesia is helping us in our journey to digital transformation; they are a very trusted partner with a consolidated experience in AR software solutions and smart glasses. The Network Modernization-Digitalization project is just beginning but we can see the first positive outcomes: since we have adopted the B View solution we saved in time and money when doing activities in our production plants. Moreover we could decrease travels of the most experienced technicians as well as of our suppliers who are now able to give their advices remotely.

Finally we are exploring new possible applications of Brochesia software in the company. I’m sure they can give us the right tools to enhance our Digital Transformation, improving both our production process and business performance”.

In the face of a difficult epidemiological situation, the necessity of smart glasses and augmented reality at the enterprises has increased significantly. Regular repair works require an external examination, but the contractors cannot come from abroad right now, or they ought to wait for 2 weeks of quarantine. Due to the technology all external experts from abroad – Serbia, Italy, Korea, Belgium, France – and other regions of Russia can be brought aboard remotely

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