Smarter jobsites with Spectar Augmented Reality

Scaling Construction Technology Across The Enterprise with AR

Managers in the Construction industry may be interested in this informative article by Melody Rose at Spectar.  In her role at Spectar, Melody works closely with Foremen, Journeymen, VDC Managers, and BIM Managers to understand their key processes and improve their workflows with Augmented Reality technologies.

She has helped build and test prototypes of disruptive technology in the field with end-users and has managed complex projects through their entire lifecycle to national production. The feedback she receives translates directly into product and process improvements aimed at helping their customers achieve their desired ROI.

The full article with all the details can be read here.

When considering the deployment and use of any construction technology (ConTech), the main concerns of any Innovation Officer, Operations Director, or Senior Project Manager revolve around jobsite safety and the ability to scale across the entire organization.

You’re likely familiar with the impact AR is having on increasing quality and efficiency throughout the entire project lifecycle, but you may still be wondering how scalable it is, and how safely it can be used on a jobsite. After all, every emerging technology carries a certain degree of risk, and smart industry leaders are looking to ensure their organizations avoid any safety hazards associated with the new tech. 

The following sections are discussed in detail on the original article which can be viewed here.

1. Building Continuous Improvement Teams

2. Jobsite Safety and OSHA-10 Certification

3. Developing Your Personalized Go-to-Site Plan

4. Competitive edge


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