RealWear Products Named “Crowning Achievement” Among Industrial Wearables

Congratulations to AREA Member RealWear whose products have been named a crowning achievement among industrial wearables in an article by New Equipment Digest profiling RealWear’s HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 hands-free headsets.  RealWear has a summary blog showing what can be learnt from the article.

About RealWear

Every day, everywhere around the world, industrial workers face daunting challenges. They must stay alert to the performance of countless systems while navigating complex and often dangerous environments. Thousands of projects are quite literally in their hands.  If you’re responsible for improving worker safety and efficiency and safety, where do you start?  By freeing your hands.  RealWear is creating a future that prioritizes industrial worker safety, efficiency, and performance.

Empower Industrial Workers

The performance of an entire factory might hinge upon a single gauge or pump. If industrial workers can respond to changing conditions in a factory, they can reduce costly downtime. But what if they could be proactive? With the RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1, industrial workers can anticipate problems before they start. That’s how you stay on track.

Focus On Knowledge Transfer

While many companies are tracking machinery performance through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), not all of this information is valuable at every moment. Managing this firehose of data is one of the most important IoT use cases in manufacturing and industry. How do you get the right information to industrial workers at the right time?

RealWear headsets give industrial workers an easy way to drill down on the data that matters. The HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 industrial wearables allow workers to interact with machinery in ways that have never been possible before. With RealWear headsets, industrial workers can use voice commands to accomplish the following:

  • Say what you see: call up schematics, data sheets, and more
  • Record live video and take pictures on command
  • Run into trouble? Call a remote mentor

This kind of knowledge transfer is exactly what industrial workers need: relevant, on-demand, and hands-free.

Make It Intuitive

Industrial workers have enough to think about without having to learn a new piece of hardware. And that’s why RealWear headsets make knowledge transfer so easy. You can get started by remembering just one phrase: “Say what you see.”

Andrew Rhodes of RealWear expressed his gratitude on behalf of RealWear to John Hitch at New Equipment Digest for an excellent overview of RealWear technology. Read the full article here: Crowning Achievement: This Industrial Wearable Reigns Supreme.

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