Jamco America Adopts AR to Streamline Hardware Maintenance

Aircraft interiors, seating and services provider, Jamco America, has partnered with a mixed reality startup company to create a training tool designed to make maintenance procedures more efficient, seamless and repeatable.

Jamco America’s portfolio includes hardware such as business class seating, for which its current product maintenance training methods rely on video tutorials, face-to-face demonstrations and written training guides, with supporting component maintenance manuals. However, through its partnership with Object Theory, an Oregon-based developer of augmented reality (AR) technology, a 3D computer-generated image can be superimposed onto a user’s view of the real world, via hardware such as tablet computers or a Microsoft HoloLens headset.

This AR technology provides a composite view that can be used to help guide the user through key maintenance tasks. For example, when the system is linked to a HoloLens worn by a trainee mechanic, they can work on a product hands-free, in real time, without the need to refer to a separate manual. The system can audibly communicate step-by-step instructions to the user, combined with computer-generated images to create a guiding overlay on the product. At the same time, the user has control over the pace of their work by selecting when they are ready to proceed to the next step.

Should greater detail be required for a task, documents such as component maintenance manuals can be easily accessed within the AR device, providing a comprehensive and efficient maintenance tool to solve problems as they arise. The AR system also provides mechanics in the field with access to whatever assistance they might require, no matter where in the world a problem arises.

The AR technology will also be used by Jamco America’s product support representatives to communicate with mechanics in real time via remote assist. In those cases, both parties will be able to ‘see’ the same product through AR and work together to resolve any customers’ concerns.

Visitors to Jamco’s booth at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg on 31 March – 2 April will be able to try out the complete AR training module for themselves.

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