Increase of AR Applications for the Enterprise

Earlier this week, an article on IoT Agenda focuses on how Augmented Reality technology is being utilized in areas of the enterprise such as maintenance, field service, and marketing.
Significant points mentioned in the article include:

  • AR technology provides essential information to workers that improves productivity, delivers optimal maintenance, and streamlines customer interactions
  • The increase of AR is mostly due to the rise of smartphones, smart sensors, and improved 3D graphics
  • According to Digi-Capital, ARVR revenues is expected to reach $120 billion by 2020, $90 billion of which will come from AR applications
  • A PWC report has claimed that AR is on the increase due to field workers requiring hands-free devices that provide information such as instructions, charts, schematics, lists, etc., which enables them to diagnose problems and repair equipment remotely
  • Currently, the main use of AR applications is in marketing
  • Jay Wright, the president and general manager at Vuforia, is quoted to have said that AR is a valuable selling tool for both industrial and consumer products
  • However, AR applications are also very useful for training and maintenance in the enterprise
  • AR can provide real-time data, instructions, and blueprints on the plant floor; this enables workers to address downtime issues
  • AR devices also allow remote communication between engineers and plant floor workers
  • AR improves efficiency and makes a safer environment for warehouse workers
  • The technology can direct workers to the correct location, and facilitate packing and shipping
  • Lisa Woodley, vice president of experience design at NTT Data, has said that AR can also potentially be used for quality and inspection
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