IBM to provide Lenovo high-tech support via emerging tech including augmented reality

Lenovo’s Data Center Group, one of the largest server selling organizations in the world, is working with IBM to enhance customer service via a series of emerging technology tools including augmented reality.

It’s the latest agreement between the two tech giants since Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computing business in 2005. Lenovo’s server business includes IBM’s x86 server group that Lenovo bought in 2014.

The Lenovo-IBM server agreement covers more than 200 countries.

Here’s how IBM says the service will work:

“When a customer connects with an agent for Lenovo’s server, storage, or networking services, IBM’s Virtual Assistant for Technical Support uses its natural language capabilities and contextual recognition to personalize the conversation. It is designed to ask targeted questions about service issues and obtain solution advice. It will also access key customer information, aligning to Lenovo’s focus on driving a fast, effortless, and proactive customer support experience.”

Augmented Reality is set to enable more than 19,000 field agents to help deliver a consistent client experience around the globe by allowing customers and technicians to share real-time video of machines requiring repair with fellow IBM professionals to help diagnose problems and illustrate the best practices to solve them.

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