Guardhat Releases Smart Glasses Based Solutions for Front-Line Workers

A recent article on SupplyChainBrain reported on Guardhat’s announcement of their new smart glasses solutions. The industrial IoT technology company developed the wearable technology as a result of their partnership with AREA member Vuzix.

Using Kyra (Guardhat’s Industrial IoT platform), Vuzix’s smart glasses connect to Guardhat’s Theia app, allowing the following features:

  • Tracking real-time location with in-built GPS
  • Wireless connectivity with offline operation when disconnected
  • VOIP audio-visual communications
  • Local media capture with sync to Kyra
  • Voice- and button-activated panic alarm

Anupam Sengupta, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Guardhat, is grateful for the partnership with Vuzix, as it enables them to provide support to workers during the pandemic. Guardhat are always seeking ways to use their technology as a way of maintaining front-line worker safety.

Vuzix’s smart glasses consist of two variants: the HG1 (Vuzix M400) and the HG2 (Vuzix M4000). The differences are that the HG2 has a see-through waveguide display and comes with a larger WVGA colour display (28 degrees, equivalent to a 9” mobile screen seen at 18”). However, both devices use the Qualcomm XR platform, ensuring better performance.

Paul Travers, CEO of Vuzix, has also said that the Guardhat app provides “real-time situational awareness”, bringing important, hands-free information to workers to increase their safety as well as productivity.

Further advantages of the companies’ integration include:

  • Audio/video calls to remote experts
  • Capturing pictures and recording audio/video
  • Scanning barcodes and QR codes for asset identification
  • Voice command operation
  • Display of guided instructions and work procedures
  • Checklists for MEO, EAM, and EWP use cases
  • Interoperation with other Guardhat wearables and devices via Bluetooth
  • Digital forms
  • Field service solutions

The article concludes with a quote from Chief Operating Officer at Guardhat, Indranil Choudhury, who states that the smart glasses display the industry growth and innovation that has occurred as a result of the pandemic.

See Vuzix’s AREA member profile here, and read the full article here.

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