From the frontlines of pandemic-fueled AR adoption: BrainXChange Interview with Aggreko’s Walter Davis

Emily Friedman of AREA Partner, BrainXChange, recently had the opportunity to interview Walter Davis, Global Learning Technologies Manager at Aggreko, about expanding the use of augmented reality in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The topics included in this interview are:

  1. About Aggreko
  2. Current role at Aggreko
  3. AR pilot
  4. Pre-pandemic challenges to adopting AR
  5. Change management
  6. Creating digital content
  7. How COVID-19 impacted Aggreko’s operations
  8. XR replacing what needs to get certified
  9. The role AR played in Aggreko’s going remote during the pandemic
  10. How AR enabled certain remote tasks and activities

You can access the full interview here. 

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