Creating Virtual and Augmented Reality Training Solutions for the German-speaking Market

Exozet and DiSTI Establish Partnership

The DiSTI Corporation, the world’s leading provider of 3D virtual training solutions, and Exozet, one of Germany’s leading agencies for digital transformation, are proud to announce a partnership to jointly develop 3D virtual training solutions for enterprise customers based in the German-speaking region of Europe.

Exozet’s team of digital transformation experts work with some of Germany’s most well-known brands to re-define their training and customer engagement experiences. Powered by VE Studio, they will be able to create and manage immersive 3D virtual and augmented experiences faster, on more xR devices, and more economically than with a traditional hand-coding process.

Over the past 15 years DiSTI has been a leader in developing virtual training solutions for the US market and is now expanding into global regions where there is a need for virtual and augmented reality enterprise solutions. The German market is an area of high demand given the presence of global manufacturing companies who are requesting innovative new training solutions based on virtual and augmented reality technologies in order to improve training for internal staff and customers on new products delivered around the world.

For Exozet, this partnership aligns with their ambitions to expand their capabilities to develop virtual and augmented reality training solutions for enterprise customers in Germany and the region. VE Studio will enable Exozet to address their customers’ demands in an even more efficient and agile manner by leveraging its patented data-driven approach to content development and management.

Commenting on this partnership agreement, Frank Zahn, Exozet CEO, states: “There is a growing demand in Germany for virtual and augmented reality solutions which improve employee performance and enable companies to leverage the technology to improve global operations. VE Studio provides us with a proven and very efficient platform with which we can reduce the development time and cost, and allow us to support our customers more efficiently.”

The partnership will enable both companies to scale their business in the German-speaking region where the demand for virtual and augmented reality solutions is accelerating. As part of the partnership with DiSTI, Exozet will establish a Virtual and Augmented Reality Innovation and Development Center at their headquarters in Berlin where they can demonstrate existing production use cases and work together with customers to develop their virtual reality training solutions.

The press release in German on Exozet’s website can be found here.

Full press release in English.

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