CREAL Raises $7.2 Million to Bring its Light-field Display to AR Glasses

A recent article on Road to VR discussed Switzerland-based CREAL and its development of a light-field display for Augmented and Virtual Reality headsets. In a Series A+ investment round, the company raised CHF 6.5 million ($7.2 million) in November. This was for miniaturising the light-field technology and to bring on new hires.

The Series A+ investment brings the total funding raised by CREAL to $15.5 million. The round was led by Swisscom Ventures, and included the following investors:

  • DAA Capital Partners
  • Ariel Luedi
  • Investiere

CREAL has made a lot of progress with shrinking its light-field display to fit into AR glasses throughout the last few years. Light-field displays generate images that authentically represent our perception of the physical world. Accommodation and vergence, the two focus mechanisms of the human optic system, are supported by light-field displays. According to CREAL and other sources, the displays provide more comfortable and accurate visuals for ARVR headsets.

After demonstrating the basics of light-field technology, CREAL has been working on miniaturising it to fit inside AR glasses, while still providing a wide, useful field of view. Progress had already been showcased early in 2020 before the pandemic impeded this.

Tomas Sluka, Co-founder of CREAL, has stated that the organisation succeeded in merging its prototype technology with a “head-mounted form-factor”. In addition to this, the funding round was intended to bring in new hires within the job market.

The article concludes by mentioning that CREAL is planning to form partnerships with ARVR headset developers through which it can utilise its technology. CREAL’s goal is to provide a “complete technology package” for AR glasses.

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