Contentstack Creates AR Prototype for Retail Industry in 4 Weeks

An article on Enterprise Times reported on the recently announced partnership between  Contentstack (a Content Experience Platform) and Valtech (a Contentstack Catalyst), which will create an Augmented Reality proof of concept for the retail industry. Accessible open source and enterprise-grade technology were used by the team, building an AR app in only four weeks. This exhibits how any business can build a working AR experience using existing technology in a short amount of time.

As a result of Covid-19 reducing face-to-face interactions, the retail must adapt quickly. Via Contentstack’s use of AR, retailers and brands can create engaging, contactless self-service experiences. This can further attract customers, increasing foot traffic.

Sonja Kotrotsos, Head of Product Marketing for Contentstack, is quoted to have said that the app demonstrates how easy integrating AR is, and that retailers can use emerging technologies to differentiate from other brands by building content-rich, interactive, dynamic experiences.

Contentstack and Valtech built their prototype application using cloud-native, API-first SaaS, headless (MACH) technologies, and microservices. The app simulates an in-store shopping experience for skincare products using web-based AR. The scenarios are as follows:

  • First scenario: point of sale experience. Information on ingredients and product reviews for a range of serums is given, and a personalised recommendation is offered to the customer, based on a pre-existing profile (e.g. personal skincare goals or purchase history) or integrations with influencer marketing programmes.
  • Second scenario: “first use” experience. After purchasing the serum, the customer receives usage instructions, such as how much and how frequently they should use the serum. Their existing skincare routine is extrapolated from here too.
  • Last scenario: how the AR app is used once the customer has used the product for some time. Further personalised recommendations suggesting repurchase, adjusting use, or using a different product are given. Reviews can also be left by customers, which are then integrated into the first scenario.

Vice President of Commerce at Valtech, Pascal Lagarde, is quoted to have said Contentstack’s personalisation capabilities, simple internalisation, and a vigorous workflow enabled them to build the AR app. The beauty industry specifically requires personalised information that can be easily understood, and the proof of concept represents how retailers can support the shopping experience.

The article concludes by addressing how previous retail AR proof of concepts have been unsuccessful, therefore the Contentstack and Valtech prototype is promising news for both the retail industry and AR.

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