Competitive Assessment: Enterprise Augmented Reality Platforms

A report by ABI Research reveals that PTC Vuforia has been named a leader for enterprise augmented reality platforms.  PTC is a member of The AREA Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance.

From PTC’s website: “High innovation and implementation scores propel PTC Vuforia to the top in a new ranking of AR platforms.”

In a competitive assessment of enterprise augmented reality platforms, ABI Research identifies which current AR vendors can deliver the most business value – now and in the future – using criteria such as:

  • Customers, partnerships, and footprint
  • Platform breadth
  • Use case applicability
  • Internet of Things synergy
  • Machine vision capabilities
  • Pricing and business models

You may download the full report from PTC’s website and discover why ABI Research ranks PTC Vuforia as the “leader among AR platforms” with “high customer value” and “more capability than most competitors on offer.”

Read PTC’s AREA member profile.

See PTC website.

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