Bosch wins Gold German Innovation Award for Common Augmented Reality Platform

AREA member Bosch has been awarded Gold by the German Innovation Award. This was present by the German Design Council in the category Information Technologies, Functional Software for their Common Augmented Reality Platform.

Description of Bosch’s CAP

Using augmented reality, Bosch has developed new training methods that can, for example, be used to train workshop employees for complex systems. The training can be carried out on physical or virtual vehicles. Whether it be smartphone, tablet or data glasses, it is possible to use any mobile device and also combine it with others.

This is made possible by the Bosch Common Augmented Reality Platform (CAP): software that brings AR content and applications into the industrial sector. Fed with locally or centrally stored contents, the platform compiles the required data for each specific AR application. This allows different training scenarios to be implemented.

Jury statement on the award

Workshop staff are increasingly having to deal with complex vehicle technologies such as electric vehicles and assistance systems. This flood of knowledge can no longer be faithfully conveyed through conventional training techniques.

The Common Augmented Reality Platform was specially developed for training in the automotive segment and highlights complex correlations and functions in a simple, transparent way. A modern training tool that is neatly executed in didactic terms too, and which is likely to be a feature of any workshop in ten years’ time.

Information reproduced from source article about the winners.


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