AR and VR in Manufacturing

A recent article on CIO discusses what you need to know about AR and VR in manufacturing. VR and AR are ready for commercialisation and some of the most promising applications are in industrial manufacturing and design.

Perhaps the most promising XR technology applications are found in manufacturing and industrial environments. Indeed according to PwC research, the use of VR MR and AR in product development could raise GDP by $360 billion by 2030.

When determining the optimal deployment strategy for these technologies, manufacturing and industrial business leaders should consider the following:

  1. XR has the potential to improve the product design process
  2. XR tech can aid in the process of production planning
  3. AR is suitable for assembly lines

Examples are given in the article about immersive XR use including Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens with examples from workers at GE. The original article can be read here.

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