Interview with AREA and Connected Innovation

Mark Sage, Executive Director of the AREA, was interviewed on the Connected Innovation website.  Don’t forget that you can join in the Free Webinar this Thursday March 16 2017, at which Mark Sage alongside Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst at Ovum. You can register for the event here.

Some of Mark’s key thoughts from the interview are shared below:

 “Totally immersive technology is a pretty lonely space, and the use cases for business can be more limited. Most businesses work in the real work and I’m very interested in how augmented content and contextual data can be used to improve business performance and create efficiencies.”

“Having come from the mobile space, AR still uses tablets and devices to augment the space, it ties into my history and it ticks the boxes of future technology. The AR industry is still in its infancy but already I’m seeing solutions that are creating real business benefit and change, it’s a really exciting space!”

“It is enabling people to do much greater, wider things. From a personal perspective it’s amazing to consider the opportunities for the future. Being able to enhance any experience with additional augmented information will enrich our lives and help us make better and more informed decisions. From an enterprise industry perspective, it’s interesting how the new technology is allowing us to do things we’ve only dreamed of in business.”

AREA was created for innovative companies who wanted to invest in AR technologies. A pool of thought leadership content and resource has been created including case studies, use cases, technology white papers, innovative AR companies’ real life experiences. AREA are also developing return on investment analysis, requirements and leading edge research. People interested in exploring augmented reality needed a space to come together and learn, to co-innovate, and to build partnerships, AREA serves as that space.  Key to their proposition is the free and open exchange of best practices – enabling companies to make better decisions about investing in AR and the benefits it provides.

You can read the full interview here.