The Future Of Industrial IoT: Q&A With Rich Rogers, SVP, Hitachi Vantara

Taken from an interview / article on Forbes, published December 18 2017.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly becoming an integral part of companies—their strategies, their day-to-day activities and their futures. In fact, when 500 executives were recently surveyed by Forbes Insights, more than 90% said IoT would be important to the future of their companies.

Nowhere will IoT be more disruptive than in the industrial sector. Forbes spoke with Rich Rogers, SVP, product and engineering, industrial IoT portfolio at Hitachi Vantara, to learn more about the future of how IoT will affect this broad and influential sector of the global economy – and, for readers interested in augmented reality, Rich Rogers discusses how the IIoT will work with other technologies.

Questions covered include:

  • Why is IoT so important for businesses in the industrial sector?
  • Where in the industrial sector will IoT likely have the greatest influence?
  • How will industrial IoT impact product development?
  • How will IoT work with other emerging technologies?
  • What’s the “killer application” for industrial IoT?
  • How should industrial companies prepare for IoT?

A couple of quotes that may resonate include the following;

“Marc Andreessen nailed it when he famously said that software is eating the world, and right now, every single company needs to become a software company.”

“While the future of IoT is bright, it seems there is still much work to be done. Given the size of the industry now, and projections going forward, IoT has the potential to create a lot of value for organizations that embrace it.”


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