Augmented Reality for service and maintenance in oil and gas industry

An article on features a number of emerging technologies that are being used in the oil and gas industries. Augmented Reality features for its application in service and maintenance.

Servicing and maintenance is being transformed by the use of AR, which overlays computer-generated content on to the user’s view of the real world around them. “Engineers can use a tablet-based system to scan machines to help with troubleshooting, and follow guidelines for conducting maintenance or changing parts,” says Smith.

Antycip Simulation recently completed a 5x2m 4K stereo single screen display for reviewing seabed geological data to help better design, model and analyse the options for drilling, piping and developing oil and gas fields. “The size of the screen, depth of detail and use of VR have led to better insight, better communication and better collaboration,” says Antycip’s marketing manager, Frank Reynolds.

Dexon Systems is doing a roaring trade in videowalls for the control rooms of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

“The ability to display live camera images, sonar and telemetry data simultaneously for pilots to react on is key,” says Andrew Rothery, Dexon’s business development manager. “ROVs can be 4,000m below the surface carrying out tasks that need extreme accuracy, so the time to display the image coming from specialist onboard cameras is key and could mean the difference between success and failure.”

The technical demands of this can be prodigious. Dexon’s customers are now asking for 4K camera images to be relayed from depths of 4km.  AV and VR are also explored in the article – the full article can be read here.

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