Inspection (Medical)


AR-assisted inspection systems display relevant medical & dental records on demand by health care workers and overlays digital information on the patient for evaluation and decision support.

AR Technologies

AR-assisted medical inspection uses any technology for authoring, detection, recognition and rendering. Display options for AR-assisted medical inspection that permit the professional to use both hands are highly preferred. The user interface for AR-assisted medical inspection can be speech recognition, gesture recognition, eye-gaze recognition or touchscreen.

Integration of AR-assisted medical inspection with patient record management technologies and systems is highly desirable.

Advanced medical inspection systems using Augmented Reality can support the professional in unfamiliar procedures or cases with remote expert interaction and feedback with integrated video conferencing and collaboration tools.


  • Rapid and consistent access by all medical and healthcare professionals to most current records, instructions, policies or modules
  • Reduced risk of delays in evaluating conditions due to lack of familiarity
  • Increased safety for healthcare professionals when performing their tasks
  • Reduced risk of errors in evaluation, inspection and diagnosis
  • Capture conditions of patient at the time of inspection and stores the data in the patient record


Health care organizations operating in hospitals, private clinics, and other health care facilities.


Health care professionals.

Example Scenarios

  • Display of medical records for patient screening by emergency medical technicians
  • Real time diagnostic or clinical inspection with nurses and physicians concurrently focusing on the same patient while pointing to regions or structures of interest
  • Generation of ultrasound images of tumors by medical technicians with a scanner and conversion into 3D for viewing on an AR-enabled device as part of pre-surgery evaluation


  • AR Development
  • Artificial Intelligence