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Supporting Change Management – WorkinAR Session April 22


Supporting Change Management 

On In this WorkinAR session we will explore the importance of working with the senior management and workers to ensure “buy-in” to the project from the top of the organisation and the workers using the solution.

Experts in AR implementation will share stories, best practice, tips / hints that have worked for them and answer questions from the attendees. 

We will review the AREA research in this space, looking at the barriers the research identified and offer ideas on how to overcome. An AREA framework (Analysis of user acceptance of AR in the workplace) will also be shared and detailed discussion on its usefulness.


Introduction to session



  1. The importance of change management to successful AR projects
  2. Panel session with industry experts
  3. Overview of AREA Barriers to adoption research
  4. Q&A with the experts


Expert Speakers

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