May 23rd AREA Webinar is All About ROI

The primary reason for – and the ultimate test of – any AR solution is its return on investment (ROI). Yet when large organizations attempt to conduct ROI analyses on emerging technologies like Augmented Reality, they often encounter obstacles and unknown variables.

With its AR ROI Calculator, the AREA has taken the lead in helping enterprises quantify the benefits of AR solutions. On May 23rd, we’re taking the next step by hosting a free webinar, How Does AR Impact Your Organization’s Bottom Line?

AREA members Paul Davies, President of the AREA and Boeing Associate Technical Fellow, and Jay Kim, AREA VP of Provider segment and Upskill Chief Strategy Officer, will share their respective experiences with ROI and discuss how the AREA’s members-only research offers strategic value to their companies.

The AREA research ROI report was prepared by Chris Ambrosio from Strategy Analytics, under contract with the AREA. Mr. Ambrosio will also be on the webinar to explore how to overcome major hurdles when assessing the impacts of AR on a company’s performance and to demonstrate the AREA AR ROI Calculator.

It’s a webinar anyone seeking to pursue AR will not want to miss. Click here to sign up now.

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