Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

AREA ETSI Interoperability Requirements Research

The AREA Interoperability and Standards Program seeks to increase knowledge about the benefits and approaches to achieving interoperability and to advance the development of standards or other approaches to interoperability.

As part of this program, the AREA has a liaison with ETSI. ETSI creates technical standards intended for global use. It has members from around the world and collaborates with other global standards organizations. They have partnerships in all relevant sectors for ICT. Specifically, the AREA collaborates with the ETSI ISG ARF (see below).

Goal of this Initiative

By way of this page and the interviews members will conduct with ETSI ISG ARF members, the AREA is supporting an ETSI ISG ARF initiative to validate aspects of its framework and architecture for enterprise AR.

Members of the ETSI ISG ARF seek to present the AR interoperability framework to select AREA members and to discuss assumptions and other aspects of the framework. The outcomes of the initiative will include: 


Any AREA member is invited to respond to this call for participation in the initiative by contacting the ETSI representative. ETSI will also proactively contact selected AREA members asking for their time to answer a few questions about the framework and other information in a telephone interview format. 

Terms and Conditions

Participation in the initiative and answers to ETSI questions will not result in any disclosure of the AREA member’s identity. All responses are strictly for internal ETSI ISG ARF use. In no case will the AREA members’ responses be published and attributed to them.

About ETSI ISG on Augmented Reality Framework 

The Industry Specification Group ARF was set up in ETSI to define an interoperability framework for augmented reality components, systems and services with the view to prevent market fragmentation and enable providers to offer part(s) of an overall AR solution.

To that effect, the ISG ARF is defining a functional modular reference architecture where interoperability can be achieved at the interface of the components/building blocks.

Rather than developing technical specifications for core AR-enabling technologies, the focus of the ISG’s work is on defining the components and interfaces of a generic reference architecture. 

Common enterprise AR use cases (such as maintenance, training, manufacturing and quality inspection) have been used to validate the generic nature of functional blocks of the proposed reference architecture.

More details about the ETSI ISG ARF can be found here.