Web3D 2017 Conference| Brisbane, Australia | June 5 – 7, 2017

Date of Event:

Jun 5-7 2017


Brisbane, Australia


Queensland University of Technology

2 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000


Overview of event

Web3D 2017 is the 22nd international conference addressing an extensive range of research, development, and practices related to Web-based 3D graphics.

Topics will include the explosion of WebVR and the potential of WebAR; content creation for WebGL using tools such as X3D, X3DOM, Cobweb, three.js, glTF, and A-Frame VR; and commercial game engines such as Unity and Unreal that offer ways to export and publish directly to Web3D.

The conference will also explore research on simulation and training using Web3D; enabling technology of web-aware; interactive 3D graphics from mobile devices up to high-end immersive environments; and the use of ubiquitous multimedia across a wide range of applications and environments.

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Authors are invited to submit full papers (up to 9 pages, including figures and references) or short papers (up to 4 pages, including figures and references) in PDF format. Papers must be formatted using the document templates for conferences sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH (see http://www.siggraph.org/learn/instructions-authors). All submissions will be peer-reviewed for quality and contribution by the conference International Program Committee.

Details of the online submission system will appear shortly. For more information, click here. Deadline is 13 February, 2017


Queensland University of Technology
2 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Comments or Questions?

Web3D is sponsored by the Web3D Consortium and ACM SIGGRAPH.

You can send comments or queries to the organizers here.


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