SAE World Congress | Detroit, MI | April 8-10, 2014

Date of Event:

Apr 8-10 2014


Detroit, MI


Overview of event

The SAE World Congress assembles the best talent in the automotive industry. Experts, management teams, engineers and executives alike gather to collaborate and address current challenges, seek new windows for discovery and exploration and promote the multitude of opportunities fundamental for a successful future.

Why do AREA members attend this event?

  • The SAE World Congress is the annual technology industry conference where visitors learn about new technology introductions and trends
  • The SAE is also an important publisher of transportation industry technology and safety standards. There will be standard working group meetings at the SAE World Congress
  • Providers: At SAE World Congress, AREA members can meet partners and manufacturers that are seeking more information, and to establish business relationships with other Augmented Reality technology providers
  • Customers: At SAE World Congress AREA members in the automotive, commercial vehicle, aviation and aerospace industries can demonstrate their thought leadership with demonstrations and talks about their use of AR to drive down costs and improve performance

Panel Discussion

Augmented and Virtual Reality are emerging as topics of interest in the technical sessions track. On April 8, there will be a panel discussion focusing on quantifying and communicating the business value of Augmented and Virtual Reality

In order to obtain stakeholders’ support, adoption and expansion of AR applications and processes, metrics and parallel communication strategies are required. Panelists will share how they have sought to measure the potential value of Augmented Reality for both internal and external customers, how and when they translate pilot results into impacts for business, and the multidisciplinary approaches used to engage with business groups.

Boeing, an AREA member, will participate in this panel session.

On the exhibition floor there will be demonstrations of Augmented Reality in manufacturing, service and maintenance and driver safety.

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