SAE 2015 AR/VR Tech Symposium | Birmingham, UK | Nov 5-6, 2015

Date of Event:

Nov 5-6 2015


Birmingham, UK


NEC Birmingham
Birmingham, West Midlands
B40 1NT
United Kingdom

Overview of event

The SAE 2015 Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Technologies Symposium is a two-day conference about the introduction and integration of Virtual and Augmented Reality products into the design, development and manufacturing systems of organizations.

As the technologies for augmented and virtual reality improve and become more cost effective, individuals from the aerospace, automotive, marine, and commercial vehicle industries are learning to use them as enabling technologies for design, production, and manufacturing to great effect. In order to create long-term value for these technologies within an organization, advocates for AR and VR need to show proof of concept – that these are also foundational tools that can be used throughout their product’s life cycle.

Speakers representing the world’s largest automotive, commercial vehicle, aviation and naval engineering firms will share valuable insights that are applicable to these as well as other industries.

Meeting Goals

At the conference, technical and business sessions will provide attendees with insights into:

  • How to integrate design, manufacturing, and final assembly into the digital thread of your organization
  • How to show an economic value proposition for using AR and VR within your company’s advanced manufacturing enterprise
  • Previous experiences, challenges, and solutions from experts in other industries utilizing AR or VR
  • The future outlook of AR and VR for the mobility industry

Why AREA Members Attend this Event

The SAE Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Technologies Symposium provides AREA members an opportunity to interact with representatives of the aviation, automotive, aerospace, rail, commercial vehicle and naval engineering industries. The delegates are highly qualified customers, end users and vendors serving these large and leading industries.

Participating AREA Members

The following AREA members will be attending the SAE AR/VR Symposium:


The agenda for the two-day conference can be found here.

Registration and Fees

Additional information on registration and fees can be found here.

SAE Member Includes By Oct. 16 After Oct. 16
Classic—SAE member Package Includes* $795 $895
Premium—SAE member Package Includes* $770 $870
Elite—SAE member Package Includes* $745 $845
Non-Member Includes By Oct. 16 After Oct. 16
Non-member Package Includes* $1195 $1295
Participant Includes By Oct. 16 After Oct. 16
Participant (includes speakers
panelist, moderators)
Package Includes* Free Free
Exhibitor Includes By Oct. 16 After Oct. 16
Exhibitor (1 exhibitor per tabletop, exhibitor ID# required) Package Includes* Free Free
* Package Includes: opening keynote, technical presentations, panel discussion, one lunch, one reception, exhibits, breaks, networking opportunities and access to Advanced Engineering UK 2015.


The meeting will be conducted at:

NEC Birmingham
Birmingham, West Midlands
B40 1NT
United Kingdom

Access and Accommodations

For information about travel to the NEC Birmingham by car or rail, visit the NEC website.


The SAE 2015 Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Technologies Symposium is produced by SAE Global LLC, an organization affiliated with SAE International. SAE International is a global association of more than 138,000 engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries.

Comments or Questions?

See the event contact page for contact details relating to issues about registration, exhibition opportunities, customer service and others.

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